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  1. RNM

    2021 Bronco Sport Engine Surge

    Thanks, I think I read in the post about someone that replaced this part, I will check into it. Much appreciated.
  2. RNM

    2021 Bronco Sport Engine Surge

    I had a similar issue with my BS BL, I had just fueled up and as I was sitting there in the parking lot, it actually died on me. I noticed the surging as described, it would idle down to around 450 rpms. Then jump back up to around 1000 then go back down, then back up intermittently. After it...
  3. RNM

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    No, I guess if I wanted the big Bronco I would have purchased it In the first place. Truth is if you asked me a year or two ago, I would have said I would never have purchased the Bronco Sport. Not sure what happened, I guess I had a predisposition for a true off-roader and when they came out...
  4. RNM

    Relocating to Baltimore

    I will keep my eye on this thread. I know there are sure to be lots new places to explore. I am interested to see what people post up.
  5. RNM

    Ford Performance Bronco Sport Accessories, and what I'd like to see Ford Offer.

    I replied to your post on another thread, but in response to the downpipe or other parts checked for fitment, let me know I’d be happy to work with you on that. I have been eyeing the S&B intakes, so Hit me link to your site. I know everyone loves the capability of the BS BL offroad, that‘s...
  6. RNM

    Bronco Sport Performance Parts Available From Fast Mavericks

    Totally interested is spicing up my Bronco Sport Badlands. This thing is already so much fun. I've been trying to seek if there are any downpipes that could be fitted without much modifications. In anycase, I think this platform has a lot of potential to surprise the heck of people. It already...