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  1. DirtyLuke

    JCR Rear Hatch MOLLE Panel - Weight Problem

    I picked up JCR's rear hatch MOLLE panel and love it. But I quickly realized that adding even just a few items to the panel causes significant sag in the rear hatch. The OEM liftgate gas struts are simply not strong enough to handle any extra weight on the hatch. Has anyone encountered this...
  2. DirtyLuke

    Auxbeam AR-800 Power/Relay Control System Install

    I have plans for exterior lighting and a GMRS radio in my Bronco Sport Badlands, but have been waiting for a power/relay control system before installing anything. I picked up the Auxbeam AR-800 from Amazon because I didn't feel like spending over $500 on an sPod or SwitchPro. This thing is...
  3. DirtyLuke

    Harbor Freight and McMaster-Carr FTW

    I picked up the Harbor Freight cross bars for $80. I have no misconception of what they can and can't handle in terms of dynamic loading, but for my very limited use for them until I get a dedicated platform, they beat a $600 pair of Yakima's handly. The Harbor Freight cross bars have a t-slot...