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  1. Will these work with bronco sport big bend rims?

    Too cheap to be any good; will rust and/or the finish will chip off. Stick with the McGard brand. They will guide you for the correct size and they will last, still looking good on your wheels.
  2. Bronco Sport vs Honda CR-V or Passport?

    Same here at 70+! I own both a '23 Sport Heritage and a '24 Passport. Bought the Sport Heritage for a fun, small, around town grocery-getter. Bought the Passport for a better riding trip-mobile with a lot more horsepower and room. Each has it's place & purpose.
  3. Rear lettering deleted. Front white lettering changed.

    Bhahahaha! Spit my drink out laughing!
  4. Rear lettering deleted. Front white lettering changed.

    Looks "Clean"; I like it! I've always thought that the large white lettering on my charcoal liftgate looked "jarring". On my own Heritage I covered the liftgate lettering with flat black Tufskinz letter covers; tones it down a little.
  5. Any New Yorkers out there?

    Canandaigua Lake

    Delta Sonic is the best! While there are ones in Rochester, that's almost an hour away from me in Canandaigua. When I was "on the road" as Territory Sales Mgr., I always used Delta Sonic in Buffalo. They offer everything for your car all the way to oil changes even and always with polite...
  7. Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    Do you mean that you never have the Sport running in the drive where you need to run back into the garage or house for something before leaving? Of course I know it's running but I don't need or want two loud horn honks. This was the only way Ford could come up with an alert and one that was so...
  8. Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    Thanks, it works! I don't know why I didn't think of leaving the key in the cupholder as I've done with other vehicles (that had far less intrusive alarms than the double honk).
  9. Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    I'll try that tommorrow; hopefully that works.
  10. Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    I'm referring to with the engine running and you get out of your Sport to get something, clean the windshield or even to go around to open the passenger door; things like that. And you get the LOUD two honk!
  11. Great headlights on these Sports!

    Today was the shortest day of the year meaning less daylight hours; combine that with the typical gray winter day in Rochester (NY) meant that driving the wife home from dialysis we were in some slower traffic, even in the fast lane. Moved up behind him; nothing. Flashed the lights to either...
  12. Anyone else bothered by loud double horn honk?

    I can't stand the loud double horn honk that results from leaving the driver's seat while the Sport is running while I go get something in the garage. My wife thinks that I'm signalling her for something and the horn is beyond loud for this. Even out in the drive it's as I'm calling to the...
  13. Bronco Off-Roadeo Warning

    Thank you! This forum group is very kind! I don't know any of you and you don't know me and yet you find it in you to empathize with me. I am grateful just for that even if there is no financial resolution for me. I had challenged the charge on my CC and the Roadeo people doubled down on their...
  14. Bronco Off-Roadeo Warning

    Thank you for your thoughts. When one has kidney disease, they never fell "better", only that it's more tolerable. As her caretaker, I see what dialysis 3x a week does to her and virtually everybody else on her clinic days. It leaves all of them drained and tired with some days worse than...
  15. Bronco Off-Roadeo Warning

    Mark, you may be right; I didn't anticipate a medical problem because it never happened before on our trips to the Adirondacks or the Maine coast each year. I had read the no cancelation policy but interpreted it as to the no show, no real reason cancellations; not for a unforeseen medical issue.
  16. Bronco Off-Roadeo Warning

    In September, I was registered for the New Hampshire Roadeo as a new purchaser of a '23 Sport Heritage. My wife and I set out for our Laconia, NH resort reservation on the Friday prior to the event the next day. We had travelled from Western NYS and had just crossed the Vermont border when my...
  17. What do y’all do to clean your engine bay?

    With a Warm, not hot engine, I spray "Simple Green" on the entire engine compartment, wait a few minutes after brushing with a soft long handled brush and rinse with low pressure garden hose. Blow off with shop vac exhaust flow, finish spots with a towel and go for a drive. Esay-peasy.
  18. Baby Bronc’s Build

    I've installed the Steeda strut tower brace on my BS Heritage Base and immediately noticed how it tightened up my steering feel. Also it was the easiest mod that I've ever done and I've had four Mustangs that I modded; easier than changing to a performance drop-in air filter on my Mustangs.