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  1. Bronco Sport Performance Parts Available From Fast Mavericks

    I would be interested. I have a 2023 Badlands.
  2. Deterring mice from the BS (nesting on cabin air filter)

    whole bars. In your engine bay find places you could leave them where they won't fall out. I put two bars in my boat. One in a front compartment and one in the rear. I'm thinking of some kind of mesh bag you could secure inside the engine bay. Away from exhaust. Put the mint oil directly on...
  3. Deterring mice from the BS (nesting on cabin air filter)

    I swear by this. Mint Oil and Irish Spring Soap Bars. Been using it for years in my bass boat. It also keeps out squirrels. They hate the smell.
  4. 2021 Big Bend 50k miles

    This looks like there is a bad connection. Clean both ends of the battery wires.
  5. Off Road, interest check in

    I would be happy to move to the Texas forum if you like.
  6. Where are all my fellow texans????

  7. Off Road, interest check in

    I'm in the DFW area.
  8. Most annoying issue you see while driving?

    Drivers who stay in the passing lane.
  9. Anyone install a tuning kit?

    There are several places for turners. I have run cobb for years. This place has covered itself with the racing box.
  10. Windshield washer low pressure

    I have a 2023 BL and have the same problem. I think this is "normal". Yes very annoying.