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  1. Gas filler flexing

    Anyone see an issue when filling, the weight of the gas nozzle flexes the filler tube down causing the nozzle to keep punching off? I have to manually hold the nozzle up.
  2. 1.5L issues

    is the Cracked injector recall the most severe issue that people have seen for the 1.5L?
  3. amazon music on android auto

    Maybe it's that I don't know how it functions, but is it a real pile of poop? 1. You can only listen to premade playlists? 2. If listening to something on amazon music on your phone prior to android auto, specifically podcast, it constantly restarts playing podcast after playing a song on your...
  4. Oil change required message

    Has anyone received an oil change required message on the FordPass app showing a 0% life, but then go into the oil life and it shows more life remaining? Like mine is showing 50% life.
  5. Off-roadeo sign-up after 1 year

    Anyone try successfully to get the free off-roadeo past the 1 year cut-off?
  6. Body dimples @ B and C pillars

    Does anyone else have dimples on the sheet metal right where the B and C pillars come down and rest?
  7. Text messaging using voice commands

    Is Ford the only car manufacturer that you are unable to text someone whatever you want? Is the preset 15 messages the only option? This is not how it was on the old Sync system. You could text someone anything.
  8. Brakes sticking at acceleration

    Has anyone had an issue when applying the gas after putting the vehicle in drive or reverse the brakes stick for a second causing the vehicle to suck down? I haven't checked to see if it happens only when the brake hold is engaged.
  9. when do I get oil changed

    Does the intelligent oil system supposed to be working right from the start? I am closing in on 6000 miles.
  10. protection from brush

    What is a good method of protecting from brush scratches? Is Ceramic coatings the best cost effective method? Anyone use products like Rhinohide? Are there american made products similar?
  11. FordPass Wifi Hotspot

    Is there a map where access to the FordPass Wifi hotspot is available? I am assuming service is lost in many rural locations?
  12. Recommended interior accessories

    What are people recommended interior accessories? I've seen the storage bin for behind the screen, but what are some others? Are there any suggested cup holder modifiers that will hold yeti type bottles?
  13. $100 amazon gift card from Ford

    Did everyone else that had to wait many months for their BS get a gift card? I received this, this morning: Then the gift card this evening. Hello, We couldn't be more excited for you to become a part of the Bronco ™ family. By now you and your Bronco™ Sport SUV have been united at...
  14. swing away hitch adapter

    What have people found to be the best and most economical?
  15. remote window control

    Using the remote to close windows (hold lock door button) does not close the moon roof. Is that what others have found?
  16. Time to get from Railcar to dealership

    Those that have tracked their BS on the railcar, How long did you have to wait from when the railcar arrived at destination city and when you were contacted by the dealer? This is for those that the dealer was within 100 miles of the railcar destination.
  17. Delivery to Kansas City, Kansas

    Anyone track their BS to a Kansas City, Kansas dealer? What is the time frame from railcar arrival in KC to dealer?
  18. Ford credit 2021 first quarter finance rates

    Does anyone remember what all of the finance rates Ford was offering for the BS during the 1st quarter of 2021? I want to say it was 0% for 48 months, .9 for 60. Does anyone recall if those if those are correct and what the 72 month offer was?
  19. Recommended Dealer add-ons

    Are there any add-on's that the dealer will try to get me to purchase that are recommended and worth getting?
  20. Bronco sold out for 2 years and chip info

    bronco and chips So it appears some companies are removing features that require the chips that are on low supply. It would be interesting to know what features on the Ford that would be and it possibly would be nice to have that option to remove them.