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    Pew Pew holder location

    On me in an Alien Gear IWB holster.
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    So my granddaughter's Jeep Rubicon battery died

    AAA guy, huh? Let me share my last and never again AAA experience with you guys. Decided to get an oil change at AAA, got one. Drove home and the next morning there was oil on my driveway. Checked and it was leaking around the filter. Took it back as it was obviously a defective filter or...
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    Ambient Temperature Sensor location

    After a car wash (commercial) it takes a mile or two before the temp indicated is accurate.
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    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service -- vehicle service that fits your life

    I've used the mobile service twice for the recalls and it was a great experience for me. Free of charge, of course, as it was for the recalls.
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    Anyone else have problems with the air conditioner?

    My air conditioner works even at 120 degrees. I've tested it.
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    Amy E

    2021 Outer Banks with no issues with exhaust getting into the cab.
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    Does anyone prefer the Bronco Sport over the regular Bronco? (Or vice versa)

    I always thought beauty was in the eye of the Beer Holder...but I could be wrong.
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    Steering wheel wear

    No steering wheel cover and no wear on mine at almost 18K miles.
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    Sport Windshield prone to attract rocks and chip easily

    I've now had my 2021 Outer Banks almost 3 years and don't see where it's more or less liable to get chips and cracks. I haven't had any in it yet and typically I get 1 every 6 years or so in my other vehicles. OTOH, I don't tailgate.
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    Moaning back brakes

    I've got to say, that's a lot louder than mine but I still wouldn't worry about it.
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    Moaning back brakes

    Mine do it occasionally, not all the time. And my reaction? Who cares. I'm amazed how mad people get about a small thing like this.
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    Rear Window Wiper

    I took your excellent advice and bought the blades from Amazon. It's about a 3 or 4 minute job...maybe 5 if you're mechanically challenged. Thanks a bunch for the tip.
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    I go to Cobblestone. They do a great job.
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    Rather than take the tall antenna off temporarily before going through a car wash, I just replaced with a shorter one that won't break off. I like simple, one and done solutions to problems.
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    Remote features disabled to preserve battery

    I get the same message a couple of times a month when I haven't driven it for4 or 5 days or so. It's just shutting down non essential things to save battery. No big deal. When you start it, all is restored.
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    Why, again Why, and What tha heck was that!?

    The dimming and brightening is normal, iPhones all do it all the time. My network ports have illumination but my feet don't and all notifications I've got stay until I dismiss them.
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    Ford pass message regarding battery - Thinkware U1000 the cause?

    I get this from time to time also, probably a couple of times a month. Get it every time I go on vacation for 14 days and leave it at home. Mine's a 2021