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  1. DirtyLuke

    “Finally”… a correction for Rear Brake Moan Noise

    Just a data point. Had the original TSB done a year ago and it made the moaning worse and happen 100% of the time. Had the most recent TSB done in January and the moan went away. It's now mid April and hasn't returned. Only time it has ever happened since is once very quietly after driving a...
  2. DirtyLuke

    HRG 2.5” vs Ford Ranger Lifts 1.75”

    I've been waiting for any kind of first hand accounts on the 2.5" lift. I much prefer HRG over the other companies for how much they put their products through the ringer. I imagine even though the subframe drop will keep some of the components at the same height as a 1.5" lift, the rest of the...
  3. DirtyLuke

    Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    Naw. Any harder wheeling than my BSBL can do would be better served with a beater project car. The only thing I'd want to update is the space/utility. For that, I'll upgrade eventually to an F150.
  4. DirtyLuke

    Falken Wildpeak AT/4W Tires Review After 500 Miles

    Are yours the OEM ones from Ford? Those OEM ones are built different and don't last as long. Consequently, Falken doesn't insure them to the 50k mile guarantee they otherwise would. You'll find that's pretty much industry standard for all OEM tires.
  5. DirtyLuke

    TSB 22-2326 : "Moan Noise in the Rear Brakes When Driven in Reverse in Cold Weather or High Humidity"

    Mine squeeked once just today for about half a second, after coming home from driving a very dusty road. First time in over a month (since the TSB). Before the TSB it foghorned every single time I put the car in reverse, no matter the environment, no matter the time of day.
  6. DirtyLuke

    Pew Pew holder location

    In my appendix holster on me, or in said holster in the glove box if I have to pop in somewhere sensitive. Sometimes I throw the appendix rig in the rear under-seat storage compartment. But never permanently mounted/stored for more than a day. This car looks too nice so break ins are too likely...
  7. DirtyLuke

    HRG Broke it? video

    Can you elaborate on why your shop didn't like the 2.5" kit?
  8. DirtyLuke

    Little plastic flap deflectors in front of the rear wheels -- what's up w/that?

    One of mine got ripped off while wheeling. I've been too lazy to remove the other one.
  9. DirtyLuke

    HRG Mid Skid ordered

    You also have to remove and trim the gas tank skid for the badlands. The lack of badlands specific products from JCR is the reason I've been staying away for now. Hopefully they rectify this.
  10. DirtyLuke

    HRG Mid Skid ordered

    I also tore off my felt in Moab. Good thing the badlands has that steel plate over the canister itself at least. I love HRG so I'm excited to see what the install and build quality on these are like. I'm also excited to see them coming out with new products for the BS. Hopefully they're working...
  11. DirtyLuke

    Complimentary Ford Pick Up & Delivery and Ford Mobile Service -- vehicle service that fits your life

    Used it last month when I had the brake moan TSB done. It was hilarious because the tech got to hear the noise at it's absolute worst - first thing in the morning. He was like, "What the hell man! That's horrible!"
  12. DirtyLuke

    “Finally”… a correction for Rear Brake Moan Noise

    The new TSB removed my noise. Just a data point. Cheers.
  13. DirtyLuke

    Lift Kit Compilation List

    Haven't heard any first hand feedback about the HRG 2.5" kit, but it looks sick. I figured if I'm going to put in the work to add a lift, I might as well go full bore and lift it as much as feasible.
  14. DirtyLuke

    Parts needed until 100k

    It's nice to have a 5th wheel that matches your other so you can rotate them in with the rest every 5000 miles. Makes it so your spare always has the same tread and (and therefore diameter) as your others.
  15. DirtyLuke

    Parts needed until 100k

    A rim for your spare tire that matches the other 4.
  16. DirtyLuke

    New Bronco Sport with free foghorn. Is there a fix for this. Getting worse at 17000 miles.

    The latest TSB got rid of my moan. Hopefully it stays that way, and hopefully it works for everyone else.
  17. DirtyLuke

    TSB 22-2326 : "Moan Noise in the Rear Brakes When Driven in Reverse in Cold Weather or High Humidity"

    Finally got mine back today from the dealer. Praise the car gods, the moan is gone!!!! For reference, I had the first of the 3 TSBs done last year and it made the issue worse.
  18. DirtyLuke

    Rattling sound in door panels

    Not normal. Definitely call your preferred dealer to check it out under warranty.
  19. DirtyLuke

    Transmission Replacement at 77k Miles

    Oof! Very sorry to hear that. My ESP expires at 80k, so the idea of a latent defect right around that mileage terrifies me.