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  1. AndyMac204

    What A 2023 It Has Been

    Another year on the bronco sport, and it's been great for us. 2023 brought us all over manitoba (we live in winnipeg). This year the sport has taken us to Riding Mountain National Park twice, Duck Mountain, The Pas (clearwater lake), Wekusko Falls, Assessippi Park twice, Sandilands and...
  2. AndyMac204

    Ground Tent Suggestions?

    Our dog is too fat (155 pounds) for our roof top tent setup, i think between the 3 of us & the tent we are near roof capacity. Any suggestions for a quality 4-6 person camping tent? How about sleeping pads / mattress? $500 - $1,000 range, we need weather durable big time. I've been reading...
  3. AndyMac204

    Smittybuilt Annex Room Finally Used

    we finally got to try out the Smittybuilt Annex Room for our RTT. you can see from the photos, the RTT would need to slide over more to the passenger side to get rid of the slack. but other than that it fit perfect. theres an access to the passenger door which is nice for sure. super good...
  4. AndyMac204

    We Are Off Like A Herd Of Turtles

    off we go to the canadian rocky mountains for 2.5 weeks of camping. i’ll be posting photos as we go along the way. and although damien looks pissed, it is 5am, but he has the entire back seat to himself and cozy.
  5. AndyMac204

    This Came In The Mail Today

    it was all wrapped in paper, but i had to check it out. looks solid, super pumped! nice stuff @hrgengineering ??
  6. AndyMac204

    Roof Rack Info Required

    Hey All, looking to switch up my thule crossbars for a rooftop platform. I feel this will allow more items on top with my rooftop tent, as well as being more practical. im seeing the Pioneer and Rhino Racks ... and i have 2 main questions before i buy: 1) what size are you all running. 2) i...
  7. AndyMac204

    Random 1.5 turbo noises

    just a short of uphill climb, and playing with the gas pedal. bone stock 1.5
  8. AndyMac204

    3,000+ km Road & Camping Trip in Bronco Sport Base

    just got back from a 9 day road trip and camping vacation. we were camping off of forestry roads in the rocky mountains in british columbia. got to see some very beautiful places off the highways. got lost once, only to end up in an open mine operation. duddes were great and showed us how to get...
  9. AndyMac204

    Mounting The Rooftop Tent Q's

    Hey all, just got my thule crossbars and feet today. looking to setup our Smittybuilt 2 person rooftop tent. so my question is, where are you mounting the tent, closer to the center, to the rear etc. I'm thinking to mount it closer to the rear but just seeing what others are doing. Going to...
  10. AndyMac204

    1,400km Camping Trip Review in Bronco Sport Base

    the girlfriend and i just got home from a 5 day camping trek in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, here in northern Manitoba. This will be a quick review. -tonnes of room. we are both over 6 feet tall, and on a 5 hour drive, felt great. all our gear and just a general sense of being in a BIG...
  11. AndyMac204

    WeatherTech Front Floor Mats Installed

    Got some front weathertech floormats today. Had to wait a few days, but well worth the wait. I run them on all my vehicles, due to our extreme weather patterns here. Really saves the floor. Perfect fit, clicks into oem buttons! I highly recommend these!
  12. AndyMac204

    New Member, hi all!

    Hi! New owners of a 21 bronco sport base. The dealer had installed tint, powder coated factory rims and BFG KO2s. We are super stoked, and there are very few where we live, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. We are looking very forward to testing this thing offroad, as there seems to be very little info...