Dealer Memo Mentions Over 250 Bronco Options For “Bronco Family”

Some tasty morsels regarding the upcoming Broncos were just spotted in a recent Ford dealer memo. 

In terms of optional accessories that can be ordered with the Bronco, expect there to be over 250 of them available! Of course this likely counts different colors and variations of each option, so we don’t expect there to be 250 separate items, but the takeaway is to expect a large catalog of factory available parts and accessories for the Bronco, which likely includes Ford Performance Parts as well.

Also, note the reference to “Bronco family,” which further confirms that the Bronco will be launching in different trims and models, including the true successor body-on-frame Bronco model as well as the Escape-based “baby” Bronco (see recently spotted body shell).

Finally, we’re given some insight into the Bronco certification process required for dealers to sell any vehicle in the Bronco family. Check out the memo snippets inside!